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We are Putting the "Human" Back into Human Resources




Our Coaching Philosophy is simple. Utilizing a strengths based approach we help clients gain the clarity, structure and support they need to be successful.  All of our coaches are professionally certified. Coaching is available in the following areas:

  • NeuroDivergent (Specifically ADHD & High Functioning Autism) 
  • Business Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership
  • Mindful Practice
  • Somatic Stress Release

Coaching is confidential and can be delivered in person, Zoom or phone. We also provide group coaching sessions.


We offer the following types of mediation and related conflict resolution services:

  • Family mediation specializing in  ADHD and Executive Function 
  •  Elderly Mediation and Alternative care and placement search consults  for enhanced ADL
  • Peer mediation and implementation of programs for schools, youth groups, nonprofits and businesses
  • Community , Civil, Nonprofit conflict  mediation
Mediation services are provided by professionally trained mediators in accordance with Missouri Supreme Court Rules for Mediation that govern the practice of mediation as an alternative form of dispute resolution.  

Our Mediation Pledge: Please Read

We pledge to:

Adhere to the ethical guidelines established by the American Bar Association, The Missouri Supreme Court Rule for Civil and Family Mediation, and Other State Mediator Rules. Keep your identity and the content of our mediation session(s) confidential. Remain neutral at all times. Mediate in a manner that acknowledges each of you as a creative, resourceful, and whole person, capable of making your own decisions, in collaboration with one another. Motivate each party to try hard to reach a verbal or written agreement.

NOTE: We are NOT attorneys and do not provide any legal advice concerning disputes*.

*In a situation where a dispute cannot be resolved through mediation we will gladly refer the client(s) to an attorney or law firm that specializes in the area of the dispute.  

Training Woman

Training and Facilitating

We offer customized training in  soft skills (web based  and worksite training) personality and leadership assessments and  resources  in  focused  areas that provide  the latest in strengths based  tools and strategies for  personal and professional development, HR training and  support services. Our training programs  are  always supported by the latest research in emotional intelligence. Trainers and facilitators are certified in their areas of expertise while also being supervised under the leadership of Higher Level Coaching and Mediation. Please Call us at 314-276-3634 for a list of course offerings, assessments and pricing information.

Consulting and Speaking

We specialize in Consulting and Business Development Services:

  • Healthcare
  • Nonprofit Business Development
  • Human Resources/Benefit Solutions 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Compliance 
  • Change Management 
  • Policy Development including Covid-19 Protocols for workplace safety
  • Sales Training/Donor Development 

Please call or email us to discuss your  project needs. [email protected] or 


We are advocates of strong communities and youth empowerment, we can deliver or help you find the right solution based on your needs

 Solution Focused and Efficient Fractional HR and Operations Leadership 

Are you a small business owner, nonprofit, or church requiring the expertise and business acumen of an executive-level HR Professional to accomplish your goals but cannot afford the salary of such an executive?  Fractional Leadership may the solution for you without overwhelming your bottom line.

call or email us 

to learn more about HR Fractional Leadership and how it may benefit your organization from a growth and cost savings perspective.


[email protected]